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Russell S. Doughten, Jr. received the Milestone Award for 50 years of achievement in communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ through movies at the February Annual Meeting of the National Religious Broadcasters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. Doughten has been called the Father of the Modern Christian movie and a pioneer in putting Christian movies on video. As a producer, director, writer and actor, he is responsible for over 150 projects, touching hundreds of millions of people around the world. His movie "A Thief in the Night" alone has been seen by more people than live in the United States. Mr. Doughten’s projects have received over 50 awards.

He has put the "A Thief in the Night" series on individual DVD and together in the 4 film DVD Collector's Edition. Each DVD has the film in multiple languages, with behind the scenes info, actor interviews, scene selection and a live on-screen, full length "Receive Jesus" track. Mr. Doughten also has several scripts ready for production including two full-length Christian theatrical features, a children’s TV series and a Christian comedy TV series. He is seeking the funding for these projects.

Awards By Film

Film Awards
A Thief In The Night Best Film, Best Actress NEFF*
A Distant Thunder Best Film, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress CFDA*
Image Of The Beast Award Winner CFDA*
The Prodigal Planet Award Winner CFDA*
All The King's Horses Best Film, Best Actress CFDA*
Blood On The Mountain Best Film CFDA*
Brother Enemy Best Evangelistic Film, Best Actor CFDA*
Coach Best Youth Film, Best Screenplay CFDA*
Face In The Mirror Best Supporting Actress CFDA*
Happiness Is... Silver Angel Award RIM*
Heaven's Heroes Best Soul Winning Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress; Silver Screen Award CFDA*
Home Safe Best Actress RIM*, Silver Angel Award CFDA*
Nite Song Best Youth Film USIFF*, Award Of Excellence CFDA*
Rock… IT’S YOUR DECISION Best Youth Film CFDA*
Sammy Best Actor, Best Youth Film CFDA*
Survival Best Film CFDA*
The Healing Founder's Award RIM*, Silver Angel Award CFDA*
The Paradise Trail Best Soul Winning Film CFDA*
The Shepherd Award Of Excellence RIM*
Whitcomb's War Best Supporting Actress, Best Special Effects CFDA*
*Awards were given by the following organizations:
CFDA – Christian Film Directors Association
NEFF – National Evangelistic Film Foundation
RIM – Religion In Media
USIFF – United States Industrial Film Festival