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In 1965, Heartland Productions was founded by  Russell S. Doughten, Jr. (pictured at right). 
Under the Heartland banner he produced and directed 8 dramatic features that present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These motion pictures include those for children, young people and adults. During this time he also began Mark IV Pictures with Donald W. Thompson in 1972. Together these film makers produced 12 feature length, dramatic Christian movies over a 12-year period. Many of the films have been recognized with awards for acting, directing, technical quality and effectiveness in communicating the Christian message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The best known movies are a series of four films based on biblical end times prophecy: A THIEF IN THE NIGHT, A DISTANT THUNDER, IMAGE OF THE BEAST and THE PRODIGAL PLANET. Millions of people around the world have been touched by the Gospel message in this series. When Mark IV and Heartland ended in the mid-1990s, Mr. Doughten formed Russ Doughten Films, Inc. to carry on the successful tradition of film evangelism around the world.

Movies remain the most vital part of this ministry. Most of the Mark IV/Heartland movies are available on DVD on the website as well as through other retail outlets.

The purpose of all that we do at Russ Doughten Films is to tell people about Jesus Christ and how every person on earth can have eternal life with the living God.  If you have questions about Jesus Christ, God, Christian living, eternal life, or if you have specific prayer requests, please visit the Spiritual Help page. 

We hope you enjoy our web site and invite you to share this and all of Godís blessings in your life with others.